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Going Virtual

I’ve updated my school library web site, and I invite any and all interested parties to have a look-see. It’s linked up below:


I have done this to help my kids, my teachers, and anyone else who may need help with research, current events, or other school library-related stuff. I’m going to try and post more stuff for Halloween, Dias de los Muertos, and scary movies later on today.

I have also decided that, what with all this budget-crunching and truly frightening economic state, going virtual may be everyone’s best bet. I just wish I could afford to get e-books and link them up. I also wish I could find my OPAC on my server. Since Le Grand Reinstall earlier this month, it has since mysteriously disappeared. Or perhaps it’s taken that wee soujourn to Jamaica without me? Damned OPAC! Always up and bailing on us when we need it most!

Feel free to send comments about the updated web site, and also feel free to bookmark it for your own use, should the need arise.

Happy Halloween, Boo-Rattle-a-rattle-a and all that!


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I already did one snow post, and I’ve already written a little about January and winter and all that, but today’s a snow day (second one in a row! Woot!) which got me looking in the direction of my couch. My couch is really comfy, and would be even more so if it weren’t currently covered in at least three knitting projects. Yeah, yeah, basket/bag/organization. . . whatever.

What really got me to thinking about knitting–besides the snow–was the fact that I’ve started an afghan in cream, worsted-weight wool (Lion Brand rocks!) that consists of various Aran “patchworks”. I’ve done this for several years now, starting (but never really finishing) a couple of squares.

Some people knit cute, frilly, lacy things in winter, in preparation for summer, and thus knit heavy, chunky, complex stuff in summer in preparation for the upcoming cooler weather. I can’t do this. I tried once, and failed miserably. It’s still somewhere upstairs, begging me to finish it. Maybe sometime I will, but I’m not a big fan of lacy, frilly frou. I always think it will look so lovely on, or at least I think it looks lovely on the model, and then I start in on it, and it looks like a squinchy, squishy doily. I am reminded of my childhood in the 70s, rife with chunky courderoy, hideous denim concoctions, and Garanimals. I always shudder and need a good stiff drink and a lie-down after one of these, and I try not to think about it too often.

But my knitting did get me thinking about this blog, which I have sadly neglected for the past couple days, and it got me thinking about TeacherTube (huh–no knitting videos?) and how sometimes you really do need to use the actual World Wide Web to get to some truly cool stuff.

So I hit upon my personal favorite, wikihow, which led me to this, complete with pictures. Knittinghelp also has a nice series of videos, with several different methods (yes, my neglected lefties, they especially included you!), and if these don’t float your water-tight, felted, shockingly light yet still floatable knitting boat, check out Margaret Radcliffe’s site that has a nifty little rhyme.

You could always head down to your local knitting shop or craft store and ask the nice people there, too. Just stay off back roads and make plenty of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea to keep you warm while driving.

And speaking of 1970s knitting, if you really, really gotta getcha kitsch on, you have got to go to the Stitchy McYarnpants site!  Feeling slightly sleepy?  Maybe thinking of slacking off and sloping about for a nap?  Not after you see that web site!  Don’t drink anything while viewing (unless it’s alcoholic) and make sure there’s a bathroom close by–just trust me! 😉

It’s a new year! Go out and learn something!

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Greetings, All!

My name is Heather, and I’m a high school librarian.  I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, and I welcome you to my most recent, much more professional endeavor.  Watch this space for information about educational technology, educational software, school and public libraries, and of course the ever-popular much, much more!  Look for another post soon!

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