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Our Library Sucks!

And ya know what?  The kid is absolutely RIGHT.  Our library DOES suck!  But I’m trying to improve things.  I would love to know more about e-books and what some of the best ones are.  I don’t think it would solve all our problems in my library, but it might help alleviate some of the ennui toward our current collection.  Once the rest of the SMARTBoards get installed, that might alleviate some of the problem, becasue then we’ll have room to weed again. 

I feel like I’ve been weeding since I got here, and I still haven’t gotten a chance to get to the 900s yet.  And we’re not just talking biographies and autobiographies, we’re talking the entire history section.  Other than the scant few titles I’ve been able to scrounge up via teacher recs and stuff I’ve just known to order because we need it, the entire history and geography section makes me want to cry.  Hopefully after CHristmas things will get better.  I’ll be unveiling the plan soon!


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I’ve been working on my Masters degree in School Library and Information Technology through Mansfield University, in Mansfield, PA, for quite some time now, and I’ll be finished in December.  A classmate of mine, Elizabeth Walsh, posted an article from Dr. Jamie McKenzie’s blog and publishing company, From Now On, that brings up some good points about why we need libraries and certified professional librarians in our schools. 

This got me thinking–I’ve been slowly but surely trying to update and improve my library for my students and staff, but it’s been slow going.  This year, it came to a standstill when my library suddenly became the repository for 19 SMARTBoards and their accoutrements in September.  They were supposed to have been installed at some point near the end of last year, but that’s neither here nor there.  The SMARTBoards are almost all gone, but I’ve been doing lots of reading and research for my classwork, and it has inspired me even further.  I’ll be posting updates on this blog, as well as on my school library web page, but I think 2010-2011 will be a year filled with changes.  It already ahs been anyway.  But my static little library could use a shake-up, if not a total renovation, and it has to start with me.  I’ll post more of my plan here.  Thanks, Beth and Dr. McKenzie!

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